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    Why Use Chicken IgY?

  • Here are top 5 reasons:

    1. Higher titres against highly conserved mammalian gene products

    2. Double immunostaining is easier to perform

    3. Animal-friendly -- we purify the antibodies from eggs, not serum

    4. Large quantities of antibody - faster and cheaper

    5. Nearly unlimited quantities (again, because the antibodies come from eggs)

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Beta-Gal (Beta-Galactosidase, LacZ) Antibody

Price: $245
Catalog #: BGL-1040
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Beta-Galactosidase (lacZ) Antibody.  Chickens were immunized with purified b-galactosidase protein (lac Z from E. coli).  After repeated injections, immune eggs were collected from the hens, and the IgY fractions were purified from the yolks.  These IgY fractions were then affinity-purified using an agarose matrix to which the whole protein was attached.  The final preparation of this product involved mixing affinity purified anti-beta-galactosidase antibody (final concentration of 25 ug/ml) with IgY fractions of anti-beta-galactosidase antibody (final concentration of 10 mg/ml) in PBS with 50% glycerol.  This preparation was then filter-sterilized.

Species Reactivity: n/a

Host: Chicken

Form: Mixture of IgY fraction and affinity-purified antibodies

Storage Temperature: -20°C

Applications: Immunocytochemistry

Antibody Type: Polyclonal

Conjugate Type: none

Storage Instructions: -20°C

Special Shipping Instructions: Room Temperature

Shipping Method: Overnight Priority

Chicken anti-b-Gal antibodies, 0.4 ml, 10.0 mg/ml. Recommended Dilutions: 1:2500-1:5000 Immunohistochemistry, 1:5000-1:10000 Western Blot.