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    Why Use Chicken IgY?

  • Here are top 5 reasons:

    1. Higher titres against highly conserved mammalian gene products

    2. Double immunostaining is easier to perform

    3. Animal-friendly -- we purify the antibodies from eggs, not serum

    4. Large quantities of antibody - faster and cheaper

    5. Nearly unlimited quantities (again, because the antibodies come from eggs)

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NeuroSampler Kits

To serve your individual needs, our Neural Cell Type Specific Markers are sold in three ways:

(1) as an individual vial (see our Neural Cell-Type Specific Markers page)

(2) as a 1- NeuralSampler® Kit (one 200 µl vial of Neural Cell Type-Specific Marker antibody plus 50 µl of a secondary anti-chicken IgY antibody* plus 1.0 ml of BlokHen blocking reagent designed for use with chicken antibodies)

(3) as a 3- NeuralSampler® Kit (three 200 µl vials of any combination of  Neural Cell Type-Specific Marker antibodies, plus three vials of secondary anti-chicken IgY antibody* plus 3.0mls of BlokHen  blocking reagent designed for use with chicken antibodies)

* In the NeuralSampler® kits, you have your choice between our secondary anti-chicken IgY antibodies. These affinity-purified secondary antibodies were generated in goats and are coupled with either fluorescein, biotin, alkaline phosphatase, or horseradish peroxidase. Unconjugated goat anti-chicken IgY antibodies are also available. With the 3-Antibody NeuralSampler® Kit, you may choose any combination of secondary antibody, including three of the same one if you want.

NeuroSampler Kits

Product Name Catalog # Price Add to Cart
1-Neural Sampler Kit® Sampler Kit-1 $235 Add to Cart
3-Neural Sampler Kit® Sampler Kit-3 $405 Add to Cart