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    Why Use Chicken IgY?

  • Here are top 5 reasons:

    1. Higher titres against highly conserved mammalian gene products

    2. Double immunostaining is easier to perform

    3. Animal-friendly -- we purify the antibodies from eggs, not serum

    4. Large quantities of antibody - faster and cheaper

    5. Nearly unlimited quantities (again, because the antibodies come from eggs)

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How confident can I be that the antibody will work?

We have over 10 years experience manufacturing custom chicken polyclonal antibodies for clients in universities as well as biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Over this period, we have developed a number of proprietary methods and procedures that optimize the immune response of our host animals and improve the quality of our products. In contrast, most of our competitors are primarily rabbit antibody producers, and have only limited experience with chickens. Finally, our scientists have developed improved algorithms for analyzing protein sequences to identify immunogenic peptides. We believe that this experience gives us a unique ability to provide the highest quality service available for the production of chicken polyclonal antibodies.