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    Why Use Chicken IgY?

  • Here are top 5 reasons:

    1. Higher titres against highly conserved mammalian gene products

    2. Double immunostaining is easier to perform

    3. Animal-friendly -- we purify the antibodies from eggs, not serum

    4. Large quantities of antibody - faster and cheaper

    5. Nearly unlimited quantities (again, because the antibodies come from eggs)

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What are the advantages of Chicken IgY custom antibody production?

Better antibodies for highly conserved mammalian gene products. Chickens generally recognize most mammalian gene products as being quite foreign – even those that are highly conserved – and mount a vigorous immune response. This is because birds are 300 million years removed from the human evolutionary line. In contrast, rabbits and mice are only about 60 million years removed from the human line.

Easier to perform double immunostaining experiments. Since the chicken IgY molecule is quite different antigenically from the mammalian IgG, secondary reagents raised against rabbit and mouse IgG’s do not cross-react with chicken IgY’s, facilitating experiments that require the use of antibodies from multiple species, such as double immunostaining.

Large quantities of antibody – faster and cheaper. Hens lay an egg a day. We purify the antibodies from eggs instead of serum, thus avoiding the high costs associated with bleeding the animals and purifying from serum. Consequently, we can continue to collect antibodies from injected hens for years.

1 hen yields ~30 grams of antibody per year

1 egg yields ~75 mg of antibody (equivalent to 7.5 mls of serum)

This facilitates conversion from research scale of production to bulk scale of production without the necessity of starting over from scratch. Since the same hens can be used for bulk production, the characteristics of the antibody preparations do not change significantly, improving batch-to-batch consistency and quality.

IgY’s have lower backgrounds than mammalian IgG’s. Since the IgY molecule lacks an Fc domain, it does not bind to Fc receptors expressed on many cells of the reticuloendothelial system, and therefore, does not produce false positive staining in tissue sections containing these cells. This lack of an Fc domain also means that chicken antibodies do not bind “rheumatoid factors” (i.e., anti-mammalian Fc domain antibodies) in inflammatory tissues.

A safe and humane method for antibody isolation. Our hens are never bled (and never terminally bled). Rather, we purify antibodies from the egg yolk.

Simply put, we believe chickens make better antibodies.