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Custom Antibody Services

Aves Labs is a leading global provider of custom antibody production services, including peptide design and synthesis, phosphopeptide synthesis, antibody production and purification, and ELISA analysis.
Custom chicken antibodies can be generated against customer-supplied recombinant proteins or against synthetic peptides from protein sequences identified by Aves’ proprietary Immunogenicity Algorithm®. Antibodies can be provided in research scale or bulk quantities; labeled with biotin or other tags; and purified to various level to meet your needs.

Custom Antibody Production

Custom chicken antibodies can be produced in two hens or two hundred hens, depending on our clients’ needs. These antibodies are purified from eggs collected from immunized hens, thereby avoiding animal-restraints or bleeds. In fact, the hens are never subjected to restraints, except briefly for the injections themselves. Our service comes in several packages.

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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Aves Labs provides researchers with complete custom in-house peptide synthesis at competitive prices. We can also synthesize peptides with modified amino acids including phosphorylated residues, biotinylated residues, nitrosylated residues etc.

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Antibody Purification and Primary Antibody Labeling

Using proprietary technology, we can provide antibodies at 2 levels of purity – either as an “IgY fraction” which is >90% pure antibody or as “affinity purified antibody,” which is 100% pure antibody. The IgY fractions contain ALL of the antibody circulating in the hen at the time of egg production; the affinity purified antibodies are ONLY those that recognize and bind with high affinity to the antigen molecule.

We can also label these primary antibodies with biotin, various fluorochromes, or conjugate these antibodies to agarose beads for immunoprecipitation (IP), chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), or antigen purification applications.

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ELISA Analysis

Aves Labs can characterize our antibodies by direct and sandwich ELISA applications, providing quantitative information about antibody titres, antibody specificity, and antibody binding. This information is very useful in predicting optimal antibody concentrations for use in Western Blots, Immunohistochemistry and Immunocytochemistry.

ELISA: $60.00 per hen