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Custom Antibody Production

Aves Labs is a leading global provider of custom antibody production services, including peptide design and synthesis, phosphopeptide synthesis, antibody production and purification, and ELISA analysis.

Using our proprietary Immunogenicity Algorithm®, Aves Labs provides complimentary peptide design help to identify the best sequences for use in applications requiring recognition of native protein structure, such as immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, and immunoprecipitation applications. We can then perform ALL of the steps necessary for production of the final production, including peptide synthesis, conjugation, antibody production and antibody purification. Please note that there is a $200 analysis fee for new clients. If, however, the client decides to go ahead with the project, this charge will be deducted from the total expenses. So, in effect, this peptide analysis service is free of charge.

You can also order from the following packages:

Package #1: Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production ($1250)*

This package includes antibodies generated against customer supplied antigen.

  • Purified Immune IgY from 2 chickens (approx. 800 mg of IgY per hen)
  • Pre-Immune IgY from each chicken (approx. 150mg of IgY per hen)
  • 11 weeks production protocol
  • 4 Immunizations per animal.

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Package #2: Custom Peptide Antibody Production ($3200.00)*

This package includes affinity-purified antibodies generated against a synthesized peptide.

  • Peptide Design
  • Peptide synthesis up to 20 residues
  • Conjugation to KLH
  • Affinity Purification pooled from both chickens.
  • Elisa Analysis
  • Pre-Immune IgY from each chicken (approx. 150mg of IgY per hen)
  • Remaining peptide (approx. 20mg)
  • 16 to 18 weeks production protocol

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Aves Labs is a leading global provider of custom phosphopeptide-specific antibody production services. Chickens are a particularly useful host animal for this production because of the virtually-unlimited supply of starting material.  Typically, phosphopeptide antibody projects performed in rabbits are limited by the amounts of serum available; with chicken eggs as the starting material, there is considerably more antibody to begin with.

Aves Labs works with clients in phosphopeptide design order to balance the need for maximal immunogenicity of the phosphopeptide sequences, as well as the need to maximize the proportion of antibody that is specific to the phosphorylated form of the peptide (i.e., doesn’t cross-react with the non-phosphorylated form).

Basically, this involves injecting a KLH-conjugated form of the phosphopeptide into laying hens.  Purifying the IgY fraction from the eggs, followed by affinity purification using a phosphopeptide-agarose column.  We then perform negative affinity purification using a second column containing the non-phosphorylated form of the peptide.  This negative affinity purification removes the fraction (typically between 10-50% of the antibodies that cross-react).

Package #3: Custom Phosphospecific Antibody Production (contact us for quote)

This package includes affinity-purified antibodies against a phosphospecific peptide.

  • Peptide synthesis of Non-Phosphorylated Peptide
  • Peptide synthesis of Phosphorylated Peptide
  • Conjugation to KLH
  • Positive Affinity Purification
  • Negative Affinity Purification
  • Elisa Analysis
  • Remaining peptides (approx. 20mg)
  • 16 to 18 weeks production protocol

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*Shipping and handling not included in the estimate. Contact us for a quote.