“I have routinely been impressed with the service and antibodies from Aves Labs. As a result, I’ve recommended their service to several colleagues. I particularly like the fact that chicken antibodies can readily be used in combination with well-characterized antibodies from other species.”
Mark J. Zylka, Ph.D. – University of North Carolina

“We, in CIS Biotech, Inc., have worked with Aves Labs since 2001 in connection with development state of the art reagents for TIA/stroke diagnostic tests. Aves Labs has provided a very professional, qualified and dedicated assistance. We have always experienced the most motivated and helpful expertise and have steady supply of high quality chicken antibodies and other products. I can highly recommend Aves Labs to anyone who is in need of a quick and highly professional assistance, available exactly at the time and place you need it.”
Galina Izykenova, Ph.D. – CIS Biotech, Inc.

“We have asked 6-8 custom antibodies to Aves Lab. First of all, the customer care of this company is excellent. They keep in touch with PI during the project. Our anti-IgY antibody projects have been successful. These antibodies were prepared with synthetic peptides designed by Dr Ciment at the company, and beautifully worked on immunoblotting with working dilution of 1: 2,000 – 10,000, without affinity purification. All phospho-specific antibodies were affinity-purified. They recognized specific phosphorylation in the cell lysates, and has been paired with non-selective rabbit- or mouse-IgGs for double staining in immunobloting and immunostaining. Yield and stability of the specific IgY are advantage, compared with other species.”
Masumi Eto, Ph.D. – Thomas Jefferson University

“I am impressed with the responsive and user-friendly service. The quality of the antibodies is excellent.”
Tien Hsu, Ph.D. – Boston University School of Medicine

“We are very happy with our antibodies that Aves Lab generated for us. It was great working with Gary and the staff at Aves Lab and we strongly believe that chickens make better antibodies! Our lab has undertaken nine custom antibody projects with Aves Labs. We have always been, and remain, incredibly positive about the service provided – from the design stage, to post-delivery service and advice. All in all, the antibodies we have generated are fantastic research tools and produce high- quality and consistent results year after year.”
Kursad Turksen, Ph.D. – Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

“I purchased a custom affinity purified antibody from Aves Lab, Inc. The specificity of the antibody was good. I was also very satisfied with their customer service.”
Meena Kumari, Ph.D. – Kansas State University

“We have choosen Aves antibodies in order to use in combination with rabbit and mouse antibodies for triple immunostaining. Aves primary antibodies have a very high specifity, also for western blotting, and the secondary has an excellent signal to noise ratio. We hope Aves continues developing more and new antibodies to expand the avalaible collection. We are glad to recommend Aves antibodies to our colleagues.”
Jose Luis Rozas Espadas, Ph.D. – Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (IBIS), University of Seville

“I have produced rabbit antibodies in my own lab but for some problematic antigens chose to have the entire process (from peptide design to affinity purification) done by Aves Labs. The chicken antibodies arrived on time and on budget, and they work. For me there will be no going back! “
Douglas A. Gray, Ph.D. – Centre for Cancer Therapeutics, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

“For a competitive price, AVES Labs efficiently provided me with a high quality polyclonal antibody that successfully detected my protein of interest. This antibody has greatly advanced my research programme and enabled the publication of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.”
Gavin Stewart, Ph.D. – University College Dublin, Ireland

“I am very satisfied with the service provided by Aves Lab. Their custom antibody production is of high quality and the price is very competitive. The technical support and assistance are superb. We have been using AVES LAB antibodies since 2006 for immunocytochemistry and western blotting in studies that were reported in several publications (Locovei et al., 2007 FEBES Lett., 581(3):483-4888; Scemes et al., 2007 Neuron Glia Biol.,  3(3):199-208; Iglesias et al., 2008 Am J Physiol Cell Physiol., 295(3):C752-760; Scemes et al., 2008 Cell Commun Adhes., 15(1):143-154; Silverman et al., 2009 J Biol Chem., 284(27):18143-18151; Iglesias et al., 2009 J Neurosci., 29(21):7092-7097; Suadicani et al., 2009 ASN Neuro, 1(1). pii: e00005).”
Eliana Scemes, Ph.D. – Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“The antibody produced by Aves Labs was excellent.  It worked well for immunoblots, immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemisty.  All in all I could not have asked for more! However, the best part of the whole experience was the help and advice that Aves Labs provided regarding which sequences to use as an antigen.  I believe that this is one of the major reasons why their antibody was so useful.”
John J. Peluso, Ph.D. – University of Connecticut Health Center

“I have been very pleased with the high quality chicken antibody service Aves Labs has provided my lab. I was impressed by the prompt responses to my questions and requests, and especially the caring attention all the Aves Labs staff gave – from the start of the project to its successful completion!”
Adrienne Wilk, Ph.D. – Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Illinois at Chicago.

“Aves generates excellent antibodies, I have never worked with primary antibodies that could be used at a dilution of 30,000 before, and Aves made two of them for us. They also provided extensive technical help when we required guidance on how to improve the sensitivity of another antibody that was made for a sequence with very poor antigenicity. We do not even consider other companies when we need to make new antibodies anymore”
Oya Yazgan, Ph.D. – Department of Biological Science, University of Alaska Anchorage.